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How To Choose A Kindergarten School For Your Child

Now that your child is ready for kindergarten, your next step is to check the best school for your child. So before sending your little one to that nice and colorful school on your mind, the tips below might help you decide well:

Internet Search

The internet is the first means to search for a good school. It’s free and will not require much of your effort driving directly to the school.

Background Of The School

You should always check the background of the school. You don’t want your child to go to a school that was built from a previous cemetery; the story might scare you child forever. You can ask the management of the school or the people or parents of other kids who have been attending that school.

Location And Built Of The School

Is the school accessible to your office or home? Anytime your child needs you; you should be just 3-5 minutes away. This is not just about the accessibility of the location, but also the safety of your child. Is the school located in a place where your child can freely move without any accident? Check the classrooms’ walls; are they suited for learning, are they a colorful and a comfortable place for your child?

Policies Of The School

Know what are the rules imposed in the school. Do you think it will benefit your child? It is important that you know and feel that your child is being taken care of by the teachers and the school it self.

Students, Parents and Teachers

Your child will be playing and interacting with them most of the time; are they friendly and fun to be with? Your child should feel the fun and excitement in school so you would not want your child to be scared of someone from the school.

Clean And Cost Effective

Yes, the school is affordable, but is it clean? You should consider both. Your child is still a baby and you want everything he touches to be clean. Cost is also important; you would want to make sure that everything is under your budget.

How To Ensure Your Child Succeeds In Kindergarten

When your child is already enrolled in kindergarten, your next step is to prepare him for success in the classroom. As a parent, how will you ensure your child’s success in the school? As early as now, you should already have plans in mind to help them to be number 1 in the class.

Discipline Your Child

Not because your child is already enrolled in school, you will hand all the responsibilities to the teacher. As an involved parent, it is your role to continue to discipline your child whether at home or at school. This involves wearing the proper clothes, bedtime routines, table manners and a lot more.

Read With Your Child

They already do reading at school but reading at home is a big help for your child’s knowledge in word vocabulary. You will be able also to set his interest with books. Reading books with your child widens his imagination that will later help him enhance his talents. You should also always help your child with his homework and assignments. This will help him learn and let him know that you support him.

Reward Your Child

Tell your child that if he does well in school, you will reward him with something useful, like a new pair of shoes or just a simple new set of coloring pens and books.

Educate Your Child

Education is the key to a better future. You need to set your child’s mind on how important education is. You can remind him with the things he wants to be when he grows up, and reiterate again that education is the key.

The school will let your child learn about writing and reading, but the home would still be the place where he will learn everything. With your help, support and effort, your child will be the best he can be.

How To Get The Kindergarteners Out The Door On Their First Day

Five-year-olds jump at every opportunity they can to go outdoors and play. As a matter of fact, it should be encouraged. Children learn a variety of things on the days that spend under the sun. From how to communicate and interact with other children to seeing and appreciating the world that is outside of their digital games.

It comes as an odd surprise that there are stories about children crying on their first day or first week at school. However, it should not. Being slapped with a label changes many things for five-year-olds. They are no longer allowed to leave the house to just play. There are more rules established in school and while there is still playtime, lesson are included. Lessons that they are graded in.

So, how then should parents get their kindergarteners out the door and into a classroom? It is very possible and, according to experts, the answer to this question lies in knowing that a disastrous tug of war waits for them. On the weeks that precede a school year, new kindergarteners may exhibit a positive attitude and excitement over starting school especially with new sets of clothes, pencils, crayons, notebooks and so on. Such behavior tend to make the parents think that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Then the first day arrives.

However, becoming aware and actually expecting a disastrous first day only does half of the job. Parents need to be prepared. And it is not just about making the tears stop or bribing their children with promises if they are to be good boys and good girls.

The preparation starts on the night before. According to experts, children in the age bracket need ten to twelve hours of sleep. If they stay up late, they tend to be tired and groggy in the morning. When children are in that state, it is very difficult to flip a switch on them.

Making children stoked about school can also involve having them choose what they want to wear on their first day. This, too, can be done the night before. Making them the unusual yet appetizing lunch also can get children excited. They start to think that being a student means delicious food.

How To Handle Impatient Kindergarten Teachers

Teachers play a very significant role in the life of the students. Their role is to take care of your child and prepare them for the future. But what if you noticed your child is unhappy at school, and you found out that he and his teacher is not getting along? This is annoying. You wouldn’t want your child to go to a school where you feel he is not being taken care of.

Talk To The Teacher

Determine when you would be comfortable to talk with his teacher. Tell her exactly how your child’s feel about her and tell her directly how you feel about her. With this, at least the teacher is now alarmed with the way she handles her students.

Talk To The Principal

After you talked to the teacher and she’s still difficult to deal with, it’s time to raise your concern with the principal. The principal is the one responsible for the behavior of his teachers in the school.

Transfer Your Child To Another Class

If you feel that you and your child are not comfortable with this impatient teacher, consider your child moving to a different class, making sure that you will no longer have trouble with the new teacher.

Transfer Your Child To A Different School

The teacher is already aware with her attitude, and she would realize that because of her, you are going to send your child to a different school.

Raise It With The Department Of Education

If you think the teacher is already not treating your child and other kids right, then you may also consider going to the Department of Education to raise your concern. They will investigate and if they found out that the teacher is not doing her job, they will need to remove her from her position.

Every child has the right to be treated well in school. This is where their gentle mind is being nurtured and developed in a manner that they are ready in the world of education. It’s a teacher’s obligation to help them with this, and every impatient teacher should have no place in school.

How To Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten

As parents, your child’s needs are being put into priority. How ready are you for your child to attend kindergarten? Many people will just think of her child sending to a nice school, that’s it. You might actually consider these things as well.

Child’s Social Skills

All activities in kindergarten require socialization with other kids. Does your child know how to play with other kids? You can help your child build his social participation by encouraging him to play with other kids. Let your friends with babies come to your house and host a little swimming party and organized activities that will help your child boost his confidence while with other kids.

Visit A School

When your child is in kindergarten, he will be left alone with other kids. For your child to have a proper mind set of this, tell him that he will be doing what the kids are doing today. And ask him if it’s okay that Mommy is outside while he’s inside having fun with other kids. Tell you child how happy and fun it is inside the classroom.

Dance, Sing And Color

These are the activities that children often do in kindergarten. You wouldn’t want your child to be alone in the corner while others are already singing and dancing. Surround your child with music, sing with your child and dance with him. Buy your child coloring books and crayons. Most of the time, they will color and draw in the classroom.

Child’s Vocabulary

Boost your child vocabulary. Based on a study for 5 year olds, a child should have 2,100 to 2,200 words vocabulary. Read your child a story, and buy your child books about numbers, colors, shapes and alphabets. And every time you have something new, share it with your child and talk about it with him.